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We are requesting presentations for our July conference. The conference theme is Back at Our Mission – Always on the Cutting Edge. If you have a proposal that would be beneficial in the Custodial, Grounds or Maintenance areas regarding cutting edge methods/programs consider presenting at MiAPPA 2023!

Conference Proposal Application

Save the date for July 12 – 14, 2023 on Mackinac Island as we are already planning the MiAPPA Summer Conference – Back at Our Mission! 


It has been requested that we post the past conference agendas for use in continuing education credits. They are listed below:

2022 MAPPA/MiAPPA Joint Conference

2022 MAPPA/MiAPPA Presentation slide decks & descriptions

Please note not all presentations have been received.

2022 SummerMiAPPA Conference

Please note that the presentation, 10-Year Implied Warranty on Public Bond Projects by Miller Canfield and Allana Buick & Bers, has a very strict copyright restriction with each slide stamped. No slide can be reproduced without the written permission of Karim Allana, Allana Buick & Bers and James Spurr, Miller Canfield.   


Winter 2019 MiAPPA Conference Agenda

2018 MiAPPA Summer Conference Agenda

Winter 2018 MiAPPA Conference Agenda 2.26.18

2017 MiAPPA Summer Conference Agenda

2017 Winter MiAPPA Agenda

Summer 2016 MiAPPA Conference

Winter 2016 MiAPPA Conference