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By on May 3, 2017

Michigan APPA Conferences

Guidelines for Business Partner participation


Michigan APPA (MiAPPA) is an organization composed of public and private higher education facility officers. The State organization is affiliated with the regional and national APPA organizations. School members pay a membership fee to the national organization. Business partners can also pay a membership fee to the national organization. MiAPPA does not have a dues structure for the education members or business partners. MiAPPA is governed by an executive committee that is elected by it’s members.

The primary purpose of MiAPPA is to have a forum for higher education facility officers in the State of Michigan to learn and share information of common interest that relate to their roles in physical plant administration. This is accomplished by having two conferences each year. One is scheduled in the Summer (July – August) and the other in the Winter (March). The conference location rotates between Michigan institutions and is totally managed by the host school. The MiAPPA secretary supports the host school with a mailing list. The organization also has a web site to share information about the conferences.

Business partner participation

Business partners are encouraged to participate in both the summer and winter conferences. It provides an opportunity to share literature and the services they provide to the higher education facility officers that attend the conferences. The following are specific business partner guidelines that are shared with the host school:

  • Literature: Business partners may contact the host institution to see if there is an option to place literature in the registration packets prior to the conference. The host school will decide if this is something they will do or not. If they choose to accept the literature, it will be placed in the packet for distribution at the registration table.
  • Participation: Business partners are encouraged to attend all of the educational and experience exchange sessions. They should not attend the business meeting.
  • Building tours: The host school is encouraged to schedule new project tours with the business partners that participated in the project.
  • Exhibit space: If the host school wants to have an exhibit area for the business partners, they will determine logistics and cost structure. This cost is in addition to the sponsorship levels.

Approved at the August 3, 2006 Membership Meeting